Known by locals as the "Pacific Pearl", with its 20 km of beaches, Mazatlan achieved a reputation as a popular destination for sun and beach. Recently, the historic center was renovated and inhabited by creative people from the port.

The boardwalk is one of its main attractions, a promenade of 7 km with monuments and unique sunsets, so it is equally frequented by tourists as locals. Currently, the port is rapidly growing. Thanks to investments in infrastructure, more people visit us and most importantly, are coming back.

Mazatlan's Islands are an attractive little explored by tourists, we highly recommend visiting them in Kayak or bump into a panga, you can get the shuttle service at any hotel in the Golden Zone.

The result is a historic port with good beaches, restaurants located at Plazuela Machado where you can eat deliciously, fun guaranteed for the young and fun activities for the whole family.

Los Mazatlecos

We are people walking to the rhythm of the waves, we live life a little slower to enjoy it. We love parties, the beach and the Pacifico beer. With a bad government but proudly Mexicans. Courteous and friendly people who like to treat well visitors.

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